Abseil towers are generally large towers that feature near vertical slopes. Most of the maintenance work on abseil towers is done by descending from the top and incrementally moving closer to the ground floor. Workers have to wear a roped harness to ensure their safety while working on such towers. Abseil tower scaffolding structures are also made using the same method; they are generally fixed to the tower using specialised harnesses. The ropes are generally fixed at a higher point to ensure that the scaffolding doesn’t give way while work is being performed on the tower.

At Tony Scaffolding, we offer complete abseil tower scaffolding structures. Certain towers can go as high as 25 meters, which is why our scaffolding structures are designed specifically depending upon the nature of the project. When a client first approaches us to employ our scaffolding services, we prefer taking our time to understand their specific needs, desires, and specifications.

Dedicated Scaffolding Providers

The time we take in the beginning to understand the nature of your work allows us to create custom scaffolding solutions that are not only strong and durable, but also provide maximum freedom of movement for the workers. We understand that working on an abseil tower can be quite difficult and restricting for the workers, which is why our abseil tower scaffolding structures are specifically designed to offer greater versatility.

Safety and Security

Tony Scaffolding takes safety and security very seriously. We take all relevant measures to ensure that our scaffolds are of the highest quality and are fully secured. An RCO officer will also visit the project site regularly to inspect the scaffolding and ensure that there’s nothing wrong. Once the work is completed, we will send over a team of installation experts to dismantle the scaffolding structure from the tower.

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