Scaffolding For Listed & Historic Buildings

In the United Kingdom, a listed building is defined as any building that has been placed on the Statutory List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest. There are strict implications if a building has been marked as a listed structure. For instance, a listed building cannot be altered, extended, or demolished without explicit permission from the local building authorities.

Before providing permission, the local government generally consults with the central government agency. There are many notable buildings in the UK that have been placed on the Statutory List. It’s not necessary for a structure to be a “building” in order to be classified as a listed structure, as any historic monument can be classified as such. Examples include the pedestrian crossing used by the Beatles, the Stonehenge, and many other iconic mileposts and milestones.

Scaffolding Features

As you might imagine, scaffolding for listed structures needs to be specifically designed. If permission has been granted for maintenance work, the scaffolding needs to be custom made depending upon the type of work. At Tony Scaffolding, we have created a variety of specialised scaffolding for listed structures. For over 20 years, we have provided scaffolding for repair work on a number of different monuments and historic buildings across the United Kingdom.

Types of Scaffolding

Depending upon the type of the building, the actual scaffolding implement will vary in size, shape, and material. We will first inspect the structure and then require a briefing on the nature of the repair work. Once we have full information about the nature of the work, we will start installing the scaffolding.

To ensure the safety of your workers, we also offer day-to-day inspection services of the scaffolding for listed structures. We also offer comprehensive after sales services for our clients to ensure that there’s no problem afterwards. We also offer dismantling services to our customers as part of the comprehensive package.

Scaffolding services we provide

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