Support scaffolding structures generally need to be reinforced so that it can withstand the heavy weight of equipment and raw materials and workers generally need to carry heavy loads to the higher floors, which makes the structural integrity of the scaffolding the most important feature. That’s why it’s important to contract a company that has experience understanding loads and tolerances and everything that is required to put up correct support scaffolding. Tony Scaffolding started out by exclusively offering standard scaffolding services, but over the years, we continued to expand our service line and now offer complete scaffolding solutions for both domestic and commercial clients alike.

What Is Support Scaffolding?

Support scaffolding structures are generally made from high-grade aluminium tubes and fittings. The structures are often based on solid steel platforms to provide stability and resilience. We offer pre-designed scaffolding structures and can also create custom projects for clients. We will visit the project site to discuss the design and blueprints with our clients before starting any work. We only use high quality equipment and grade A scaffold boards in our projects. For over 20 years, we have worked with a number of satisfied clients.

Why Choose Us?

Tony Scaffolding has been in the business for more than two decades. It’s important to note that our job isn’t finished once the support scaffolding has been set up. Even after our work is completed, an RCO officer will continue to visit the location for ongoing inspections. The scaffolding also needs to be removed once the work is completed; dismantling is just as difficult as setting up the scaffolding in the first place. We will send over a team of experienced technicians to dismantle the scaffolding upon project completion. We can also create custom motorised structures that you can move around on a defined platform. If you want to discuss additional requirements, call us today and get in touch with our sales representatives.

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